EOC Training

When our CERT members are not out directing traffic for events, cleaning up after disasters, or providing rehab services for our first responders, they continue their training for one of the other vital roles they fill: Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Staff.

This training is also open to first responders, our partnering agency, city EMD’s, etc. Anyone who may serve in an EOC is welcome to join us!

On this page, you will find information regarding specific training for the Camden County, MO CERT for operating in the Camden County, MO Emergency Management Agency.

All EOC Training sessions occur from 2 pm-4pm on their scheduled date!

Please email Camden County EMA Director Sam Henley at sam_henley@camdenmo.org to register!

WebEx Meeting Link

Meeting link:
Meeting number:
2491 842 0810
CCEOC2023 (22362202 from video systems)

Reminder: Camden County EOC training is the third Thursday of each month from 2 pm to 4 pm at 12 VFW Rd. Camdenton, MO 65020. This training is open to CERT, first responders, our partnering agencies, and anyone else who may work in the Camden County EOC in the future! We are stepping forward into a tabletop exercise that will culminate in a full-scale exercise in October.

April 27 – EOC overview, Etiquette, and Setup (Completed)
May 25 – EOC jobs and discussion-based exercise (Completed)
June 22 – Specific jobs in the EOC and who can fill them
July 27 – Full review of EOC training thus far
August 24 – Discussion-based exercise
September 28 – Tabletop Exercise (TTX)
October 26 – Full-Scale Exercise (FSE) and After Action Review/Report (AAR)

More information can be found on the EOC Training page of the Camden County CERT website, here: https://ccmocert.com/training/eoc-training/

Join by video system
Dial 24918420810@camdenmo.webex.com
You can also dial and enter your meeting number.

Join by phone
+1-415-655-0001 US Toll

EOC Training Session #1 – 4/27/2023

What is an EOC and what purpose does it serve?

An emergency operations center (EOC) is a physical (e.g., a conference room) or virtual (e.g., telephone conference call) location designed to support emergency response, business continuity and crisis communications activities. Staff meets at the EOC to manage preparations for an impending event or manage the response to an ongoing incident. By gathering the decision makers together and supplying them with the most current information, better decisions can be made. A primary EOC should be established at the main business facility and a secondary EOC should be available at another company facility, a temporary facility (such as a hotel) or through a teleconference bridge established to bring staff together virtually.

Ready.gov https://www.ready.gov/incident-management

How can I, as a CERT member, help?

A number of positions exist which can be filled in the EOC by trained CERT Volunteers. Among them are Telecommunications positions, Care and Shelter Coordination, Animal Care Coordination, Situation Status positions, Amateur Radio positions, and MORE! If you want to help, we have positions that need to be filled during large-scale emergencies.

PLEASE contact us or come in during our EOC training classes so you will be prepared to fill the positions needed and maintain the skills to complete the assignment!

EOC Training Session #2 – 5/25/2023

EOC Activation Levels and What they mean for CERT members:

EOC Physical setups

Paperwork used

EOC Etiquette

We are here to help and support our first responders, partner agencies, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, etc., not HINDER them!

While we expect first responders to treat everyone with due respect, we also understand that if the EOC is activated, we are in a HIGH-STRESS event, and they are human. Volunteers are the same way. Just keep in mind if you have an issue, either way, the EOC floor is NOT the place to handle these issues. Take it to a more private setting and ask the EMD or Deputy EMD for assistance!

EOC Training Session #3 – 6/22/2023

Example Activation Order of Operations

The “Planning P”

Discussion of specific jobs needed during activations

EOC resources and training opportunities available to Camden County, MO CERT members

Coming soon!

EOC Training Session #4 – 7/27/2023

Full review of 2023 training sessions and q&A session.

If you are new or were unable to join us for this vital training last year, please join us in March 2023!

EOC Training Session #5 – 8/24/2023

Discussion-based exercise-EOC activation for a large-scale incident

EOC Training Session #6 – 9/28/2023

Tabletop exercise-EOC activation for a large-scale incident

EOC Training Session #7 – 10/26/2023

Full-Scale exercise-EOC activation for a large-scale incident

Full-Scale exercise-After-Action Report