Background Checks

The CC MO CERT requires all members to take and pass a background check annually.  For more information on FEMA’s requirements for background checks, feel free to consult the CERT Liability Guide.

There are several reasons this rule is being implemented.  First, in the case of a large-scale emergency, background checks ensure the volunteers are positive additions to the response/recovery teams.  Second, background checks are often a final step taken by agencies to help ensure the proper utilization of volunteers and to protect the employer from a number of potential risks.  Background checks fulfill the requirement for due diligence and help to reduce liability.  We want our volunteers to feel safe!  Finally, in some cases, a background check can help us verify education and certifications.

Below, you will find the agency we accept background checks through; the Department of Health and Senior Services.  These are sent through the Department of Public Safety and the cost is located on the DHSS website.

Department of Health and Senior Services:  Family Care Safety Registry.  Under the Registration tab, you will find instructions on how to file online.

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