Is CERT for you?

As an emergency response group, we receive a lot of questions from people.  They range from “Is CERT for me?” to “Is it free training?” and more.  Yes, Basic CERT training is ALWAYS free!  Below you will find more information and answers to questions which plague people about CERT!

CERTs who are deployed follow a basic 9 Step Size-up Process when approaching any situation they are faced with and it is one of the things you will be taught when you become a volunteer:

CERT 9 step

FEMA has summed up the Basic 20-Hour CERT training course below.  These are some of the subjects you will learn when you sign up!

CERT Basic Course

To sign up for Basic CERT training, visit our Training page!

What other trainings can I take to prepare me for becoming a CERT volunteer?

FEMA offers a wide variety of FREE online, Independent Study Courses. We recommend the ones listed below for CERT members. You can find a link to our FEMA IS page here.