CERT Bulletin Board

This is the DIgital version of the bulletin board you can find at the Camden County EMA! Any time there are events or the members of the EMA need CERT volunteers help with tasks, you will find them on both bulletin boards, so check back often!

Last updated: JuLY 27, 2021 at 8:00 Am.

Upcoming Training!

In coordination with the Camden County EMA, Camden County Health Department, and the AHA, ALL CC MO CERT members can sign up for FREE CPR/AED/First Aid classes in August 2021. Call EMA Deputy Director Sam Henley at (573) 346-7108 for details and to reserve your space!

The Camden County EMA is hosting ongoing Emergency Operation Center Training for any and all CC MO CERT members who are interested in helping during large-scale emergencies.

Our next EOC trainings are scheduled for July 29 and August 26 from 2 pm-4 pm. Please join us for this important training!

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CERT needs a volunteer or two to come in regularly and check and start the equipment we have on the equipment trailer. This includes the generators, chainsaws, radios, etc. to ensure they are operational in the case of an emergency.

EMA tasks:

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We are working to get the MOUNTAINS of paperwork scattered throughout the facility whipped into shape or shredded. If you would like to help us with this, drop in any workday we are open and we can definitely use you!

Thank you to Joan and Karen who are steadily working through the shredding so far!

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The EMA is now moving into the phase of reorganization. Included in this job is moving CERT resources to one area of the bays, building shelves and other storage items, and assisting with inventory. If you wish to assist, please respond to Ranita’s emails regarding “CERT Work Days.”

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We are overhauling manuals, incident action plans, and other plans used by the EMA/CERT/ARES which need more than one pair of eyes on them for updates. If this sounds like something you would like to help with, come on in and work with us!