July 6 Meeting Recap

Greetings, all! Sam here! We had a great meeting last night! It was almost a perfect split of existing CERT members and prospective CERT members. Thank you to Ranita, Bill, John, Paulette, Paul, Jerry, Joan, Alex, Cheryl, Dale, Mimi, Bob, and Margo for taking the time to attend! We had a round of introductions and … Continue reading July 6 Meeting Recap

2021 Magic Dragon Street Meet Review

What an exciting weekend! We would like to thank the following CERTs for their hard work, dedication, and efforts in supporting the event: Tim George, Ranita and Bill Jones, Alex and Renee Cason, Joe Bustin, Georgie Aldy, Tim Giedd, John George, Bob Hayes, Joan Michaelree, Gerry Hodge, and CERT PIO and EMA Deputy Director Sam … Continue reading 2021 Magic Dragon Street Meet Review

Welcome to 2021: New Year Update

Greetings all! Sam here! As many of you know, 2020 was a very unique year! It caused some logistical issues, brought CERT a new coordinator, and the EMA a new Assistant Director! Toward the end of 2020, there were some COVID-19 exposures which caused the EMA and CERT to stop activities because of quarantine procedures … Continue reading Welcome to 2021: New Year Update