CERT Work Day at the EMA

A note from Assistant Coordinator Ranita Jones: Hello.  It’s time to schedule another work date(s).  What date(s) and times (morning or afternoon) during this month would you be available to help with some open CERT tasks?  I’m looking at the entire month of June for a few different work dates that would work with members’ … Continue reading CERT Work Day at the EMA

Upcoming EOC Training

A note from Assistant Coordinator Ranita Jones: It’s time for some more training on the above item to get all of us CERT members familiar with the workings of the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) when it’s in operation during an emergency situation.  It would not only be helpful for some of us members to get … Continue reading Upcoming EOC Training

Tabletop Exercise Review

Greetings, all! Sam here! Rod and I would like to thank all of the CERT members and visitors who attended and participated in the tabletop exercise held at the Camden County EMA during CERT's monthly meeting on June 1, 2021. The tabletop went extremely well, with good interactions, questions, identification of training needs, equipment shortfalls, … Continue reading Tabletop Exercise Review