April 6 Meeting and Training

Greetings, all! Sam here! In my humble opinion, the CC MO CERT has just had one of their most productive, useful meetings for the year so far! After using the Rehab Trailer during the March 7 Mass Vaccination Event with the Missouri National Guard, the CERT members noticed we needed some changes and additions to … Continue reading April 6 Meeting and Training

Updates Coming to the CC MO CERT!

Greetings, all! Sam here! First of all, here is a big announcement: Ranita is already busy helping Tim with pending event planning, assisting at the EMA with tasks, and working with ARES and LOARC! If you have any questions for Ranita, send them in or visit us during one of our monthly meetings on the … Continue reading Updates Coming to the CC MO CERT!

Upcoming Virtual Training – 1/13/21

Greetings, all! Sam here! By now, the members of the CC MO CERT should have received an email invite from Coordinator Tim George with the access information for this Wednesday's "Benton and Camden Counties Community Emergency Response Teams Forms Used During Large-Scale Emergencies Joint Training." If you have NOT received this email, here are a … Continue reading Upcoming Virtual Training – 1/13/21

Welcome to 2021: New Year Update

Greetings all! Sam here! As many of you know, 2020 was a very unique year! It caused some logistical issues, brought CERT a new coordinator, and the EMA a new Assistant Director! Toward the end of 2020, there were some COVID-19 exposures which caused the EMA and CERT to stop activities because of quarantine procedures … Continue reading Welcome to 2021: New Year Update