August 2020 Meeting Recap

Hello, all! Sam here! Last night's meeting brought us new information, a chance to test out Facebook Live, and a refresher on traffic control training, since we have a LOT of traffic control requests coming up! We have opened up the application process for those who wish to become the Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator of … Continue reading August 2020 Meeting Recap

August 2020 Meeting Agenda

During this meeting, our members are asked to wear masks (we will have some at the EMA) while inside; however, you are welcome to remove your mask when we are outside for traffic control training, provided you can maintain social distancing. Camden County EMA's new assistant director, Sam Henley, will lead the meeting until we … Continue reading August 2020 Meeting Agenda

Updates for the CC MO CERT!

Hello, all! Sam here! Previously, you may have known me as the Public Information Officer for the group, certified CERT trainer, or even the radio lady who popped in to teach radio communications during emergencies. I am still doing all of that, but I have donned a new hat as the Assistant Director of the … Continue reading Updates for the CC MO CERT!