May meeting review; Team photo at August meeting!

Greetings, all!

Sam here!

Our May meeting was sparsely populated due to lots of our members going on vacation, but we forged ahead anyway!

The TEAM PHOTO scheduled for the May 2, 2023 meeting will be rescheduled to the August 8, 2023 meeting!

One of the MOST important things the Camden County, MO Emergency Management Agency and, by extension, the Camden County, MO Community Emergency Response Team can do is upkeep equipment needed in disasters and upkeep and refresh our training!

Armed with the inventory list compiled by Assistant Coordinator Ranita Jones and a team of helpful CERT members, we tackled a resource which has not been used much, thankfully. We had to cycle out old chainsaw gas mix, expired resources, and compile a list of things that needed to be done on or to the trailer, along with a list of resources which needed to be added or replaced. We also had to rethink the possible use of the trailer in large-scale emergency situations, taking into consideration that practices, training, and laws have changed a lot in the past ten years.

Luckily, the equipment we need to place on or dedicate to the trailer is relatively inexpensive and most of the other items we have a supply of at the EMA. This makes life a lot easier.

We will be rolling out both the CERT Equipment Trailer (the red one) and the CERT Rehab Trailer (white one not pictured in this article but at all events last year!) around the lake area throughout the summer to show people what CERT does and let them know how they can get involved!

The CERTs also helped check and adjust air pressure in the trucks and equipment housed at the EMA. This is crucial because when we deploy, it could be sudden and the equipment must remain in a state of readiness at all times!

The one thing we drastically need is not only to re-engage our CERT members, but to bring new ones to the Camden County, MO CERT!

Basic CERT training is 20 hours, free of charge, and easy! We have all kinds of tasks to suit all types of personalities and capabilities; everything from traffic control, to operating the first aid tent at events around the lake, to office work, to stocking CERT packs, and giving emergency preparedness and CERT presentations to the libraries, schools, and public! Whatever your skill set, we have a place and a volunteer opportunity for you!

Coming up on May 20, 2023, the Camden County, MO EMA and Camden County, MO CERT will be taking part in a Search and Rescue Training Exercise at Ha Ha Tonka with the Sleeper/Stoutland Volunteer Fire Departments (SSVFD). CERT members who wish to participate need to contact CERT Coordinator James Vaughn at (417) 288-1387 or email him at to RSVP. CERT members will report to the Camden County EMA on the day of the exercise and will accompany EMA staff to the location of the exercise. CERT members will be assigned to a team including SSVFD personnel. Lunch, snacks, and water will be provided.

Our meetings are always open to the public and we hope to see you all at our June 6th meeting!

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