Review of August 2022 Meeting info

Greetings, all!

Sam here!

We had a fantastic CERT meeting last night! We had 16 CERTs at the meeting and, boy, did we get things done!

Among our tasks was checking and repacking the CERT medical bags and CERT Rehab Trailer from our time spent as First Aid at Aquapalooza in preparation for upcoming events, reviewing the Aquapalooza After-Action Report, getting more items passed out to our new CERT members from Stoutland Fire and anyone else missing items from their packs, testing the generators for the EMA to make sure they are ready to go, and discussing upcoming events and CERT business.

You can find the Aquapalooza 2022 AAR here. Overall, CERT volunteers performed the required tasks perfectly, impressed the event hosts and first responders alike, and had very little to improve or correct!


For the upcoming Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, CERT is providing the First Aid tent and personnel at Captain Ron’s again. This helps to keep the EMTs from having to roll out for small abrasions and other minor medical issues, reserving their efforts for more serious medical emergencies. We will have three shifts on Saturday, August 27th: 9 am to Noon, Noon to 3 pm, and 3 pm to 6 pm. We have Sunday, August 28th covered as one shift from 10 am to 3 pm. If you will be available for any of the times on Saturday, August 27th, please email Assistant CERT Coordinator Ranita Jones at Please cc me (Sam Henley) at and CERT Coordinator Tim Giedd at .

After the Shootout, we may be asked to assist with the Camdenton Air Show on September 10th (rain date September 11th). I still have to meet with the committee arranging that event, so we have been asked to standby for tasks such as parking and guarding the flight line (keeping people off the runways during the event).

As always, thank you to the volunteers who are dedicated to making things run smoothly behind the scenes here in Camden County. Everyone may not know you exist, they may not know you are key to helping and supporting the first responders, residents, and visitors of our beautiful county, and they may not understand the magnitude of what you do, but you do it anyway! I’m proud of you!

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