Aquapalooza 2021

Hi, All!

Sam here!

I want to give a HUGE shoutout and thank you to the following CERT members for volunteering to man the first aid tent for Aquapalooza 2021: Margo, Joan, Renee, Geoff, Bob, and our “gofer” Alex! Without your help (and with me coming fresh off of a week of working at the National CERT Conference 2021-more to come on that later), this would not have been nearly as big a success!

Fortunately, we saw little action, but we had time to enjoy the great music, good food (Thanks, Captain Ron!), and the chance to work with some of the first responders of the city, county, and state! Building these bridges and getting them to meet our CERTs and learn who they are is a HUGE step forward for the CERT program here in Camden County!

Check out some of our pictures:

With two training classes fast approaching, if you have ever wanted to take our FREE CERT training and help out in your community, NOW IS THE TIME!!! Give me a call at 573-346-7108 and sign up for an upcoming class!

One thought on “Aquapalooza 2021

  1. So glad to hear all went well at this event. I send my personal thanks to CERT members Margo, Bob, Joan, Geoff and Renee for taking part in this event. I also send thanks to Alex for taking part and being the ‘runner’ for whenever his assistance is needed.


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