Great EOC Training and Going Away Party!

Greetings all!

Sam here!

First, I would like to thank the CERT members who were able to make our second Emergency Operations Center (EOC) training. You had great questions and the class ran smoothly. We will be updating our Training page with information from each training session, so you can access and print the material covered during the class. This page will CONSTANTLY be under construction, so check back even between training sessions for more resources!

Second, for anyone who missed the EOC Training but definitely wanted to attend, this course is not like many others where if you miss one, you can’t attend the rest. NO. You are more than welcome to come in for any and all EOC training courses you can attend. We ALWAYS do a refresher at the beginning for anything people may have missed and remind those who attended what we previously discussed!

Finally, we gave CERT Coordinator Tim George a great send off with his Going Away Party! Tim has been a phenomenal CERT Coordinator; having been instrumental in drawing the group together, encouraging participation in events, overseeing the care and organization of CERT equipment, and MORE! He will be missed and we wish him well in his next endeavor as he moves to another state!

The CC MO CERT will be looking for its next coordinator, but in the meantime, the CERT will receive requests and deployments from the Camden County EMA via Assistant Coordinator Ranita Jones!

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