Upcoming EOC Training

A note from Assistant Coordinator Ranita Jones:

It’s time for some more training on the above item to get all of us CERT members familiar with the workings of the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) when it’s in operation during an emergency situation.  It would not only be helpful for some of us members to get a good handle of this area (to be able to help out when needed), but it would also be good for all members to learn what people who work in the EOC do, and the part the EOC plays in an emergency situation.

Session 2 training will consist of:

  – Review EOC responsibilities

  – Train/review FEMA ICS forms used in the EOC

  – Setup and breakdown of the physical items needed for the EOC

Both Rod and Sam say, “We GREATLY appreciate any CERT members who are willing to pursue this hands-on training to work with us in the EOC*!” 

With the above being said Sam Henley wants to hold the next training session during the week of June 22 – June 25, either during the day or the evening (this training session is expected to take approximately two hours depending on interaction and questions).  Please send me the date(s) and time(s) you would be available to attend this training session; the date and time most received will be when class will be held.  


 I hope many of you can attend as this is another part of where CERT members can help during an emergency.

Ranita Jones                                                    Tim George

CERT Asst. Coordinator                                 CERT Coordinator

618-973-1647                                                 573-480-3960

*NOTE:  To volunteer to work in the EOC, you will need to complete the following FEMA IS Courses:  100, 200, 700, 800, 230, 235, 240, 241, 242, and 244.  See this link for information: https://ccmocert.com/training/fema-training/

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