CERT Tabletop Exercise at Tonight’s Monthly Meeting!

A message from our Assistant Coordinator, Ranita Jones:

Hello, Everyone!  You won’t want to miss June’s monthly meeting!  We’re having a Tabletop Exercise!! This is a good opportunity for Members to get an idea as to the role, and the importance, CERT plays in an emergency/disaster situation.  

For those members who aren’t familiar with what tabletop exercises consist of, here’s the definition from the Ready.gov website:  Tabletop exercises are discussion-based sessions where team members meet in an informal, classroom setting to discuss their roles during an emergency and their responses to a particular emergency situation.  A facilitator guides participants through a discussion of the scenario(s).

It would be really great to have a good turn out by our CERT Team for this Tabletop Exercise.   Please make it if at all possible.

P.S. – To make sure we have a good email address for each of you, would each of you please respond to this email.  Thank you.

Ranita Jones                                                                            Tim George

CERT Asst. Coordinator                                                         CERT Coordinator

618-973-1647                                                                         573-480-3960

Our facilitator for today’s exercise will be Camden County, MO Emergency Management Agency Deputy Director Sam Henley.

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