Goals for CERT from Asst. Coor. Ranita Jones

Greetings, all!

Sam here!

New CERT Assistant Coordinator Ranita Jones did a great job running the CERT meeting last Tuesday. I want to share her thoughts and goals for the program with you, as she was able to get a real dialogue going with the members who attended the meeting!

We didn’t expect CERT Coordinator Tim George to be able to make the meeting, so the plan was for Ranita and me to move forward with the Street Meet AAR and EOC Introduction training. We were excited to have Tim drop in unexpectedly to observe Ranita’s efforts and she did a great job!

Hopefully Ranita won’t mind if I just share her notes/info from the meeting directly!

The meeting flowed smoothly right down that list and I agree with her final sentence: (**MEETING WAS VERY GOOD AS THERE WAS MUCH MEMBER INTER-ACTION AND DISCUSSION ON NUMEROUS TOPICS.)** 

With this positive outlook, motivation, and movement to reengage volunteers and bring in new ones, the future of the Camden County CERT is radiant!

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