Great May CERT Meeting!

Greetings all!

Sam here!

After some great pizza, the CERTs were ready to jump right into the After Action Report for the EMA and CERT for the Magic Dragon Street Meet. Performing and filling out AARs allows the EMA to schedule directed training for our group and also allows us to note shortfalls with equipment, aiding in seeking grants and funding to help our group improve response efforts.

We treat all events we are at as training opportunities to sharpen our skills working together as a team, practicing with our (and other agencies’) equipment, plans, first responders, and the public.

We are posting most of the AAR here in this post as learning experience for our CERTs who were unable to attend the meeting, however we have removed the response to an actual emergency which occurred to comply with HIPAA laws. We also want the public to better understand how the CERT responds to and provides support for events and, by extension, large-scale emergencies!

Download the AAR Below!

After the AAR, we moved forward with an introduction to the Emergency Operation Center (EOC), which included a discussion of where the EOC fits in during a large-scale emergency, what to expect, where volunteers will be desperately needed, and who we will be working with in the EOC.

ANY CC MO CERT member who is interested in training specifically for the EOC is asked to contact me (EMA Deputy Director Sam Henley) at 573-346-7108, Monday through Friday during business hours.

We have openings in communications, data entry, logistics, etc. If you have the time, we have the volunteer job for you!

Finally, we discussed increasing the offering of important and meaningful training for the CERT. This training will include tabletop and full-scale exercises, Landing Zone, CPR/AED/First Aid, American Sign Language, Animal Handling, and MORE!

If you are interested in how to join our organization and take the required FREE Basic 20 hour CERT training, please contact us!!!

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