April 6 Meeting and Training

Greetings, all!

Sam here!

In my humble opinion, the CC MO CERT has just had one of their most productive, useful meetings for the year so far! After using the Rehab Trailer during the March 7 Mass Vaccination Event with the Missouri National Guard, the CERT members noticed we needed some changes and additions to increase the performance of the trailer for future events and for use when the trailer is needed for first responder rehabilitation (i.e. providing support for firefighters during a multi-hour, structure fire).

The turnout for the meeting/training was the highest we have had since the pandemic slowed things to a crawl last January. Members came with great attitudes, suggestions, and solutions to several problems!

Newly appointed Assistant Coordinator Ranita Jones put her awesome organizational skills to use and recruited several of the volunteers to help organize equipment into totes. The totes are clear and also labeled for easy location of items which may be needed. She was open to suggestions and implemented some great ideas in the trailer!

Camden County Volunteer Coordinator Robert Hayes made sure to cover the need for volunteers for upcoming events such as the Dogwood Festival, Magic Dragon Car Show, and more! He also assisted with checking the team’s pop up tents, equipment, and lent a hand with the organization. We appreciate him taking the time to support CERT. For those who may not know, Robert is also the Chairman of Camden County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Even Coordinator Tim George was there, though he was on light duty, having just had surgery that morning. His devotion to the organization and his CERT members really makes him stand out as a great leader for the team!

We want to thank all of the wonderful volunteers who came with amazing, can-do attitudes and really worked together as a good team does to build the kind of relationship they will need in high-stress situations like large-scale natural disaster to which they may respond!

We would like to thank Lake of the Ozarks Amateur Radio Club President Gary Sundstrom for attending the meeting, as well! With the club’s assistance (along with the Camden County, MO ARES) in managing emergency communications for the CERTs, it frees them up to focus on their efforts for which they are deployed!

The culmination of all of this effort brought us a clean trailer which is well organized and provides the CERTs a space to work and serve on scenes and at events. It also gave the team members a chance to learn from each other!

Can’t wait for next month to see what this motivated group will do with their resources!

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