Upcoming Virtual Training – 1/13/21

Greetings, all!

Sam here!

By now, the members of the CC MO CERT should have received an email invite from Coordinator Tim George with the access information for this Wednesday’s “Benton and Camden Counties Community Emergency Response Teams Forms Used During Large-Scale Emergencies Joint Training.” If you have NOT received this email, here are a few of the causes: the email could be in your spam/junk mail folder, we do not have an updated email address on record, or we have an old email list we are using to generate group emails.

CAMDEN County CERT-If you DID NOT receive the email and you wish to attend the training, please call Coordinator Tim George at 573-480-3960 or email him at cbrntg1@gmail.com and provide him with your updated email address for the invitation.

*BENTON County CERT-Contact BC MO CERT Coordinator Kentton Harris at kenttonharriscert@gmail.com for your invitation.

*BENTON County ARES-Contact BC ARES Emergency Coordinator Sam Henley at ke0lmy@yahoo.com for your invitation.

For this training course, we will be streamlining the paperwork used in Camden County, following the example set by Benton County to eliminate duplication of effort when it comes to CERT and FEMA paperwork. There are some CERT forms which are completely replaced by the FEMA paperwork, some CERT Forms which are NOT replaced, and one CERT form which works hand in hand with FEMA’s paperwork.

This is the first in our virtual training series, so please make sure Tim has an updated email for you so you receive the access codes.

*Note: While you can CALL in, using a cell phone instead of a computer, you will NOT be able to see the screen/training slides. These slides will be made available after the class, however the conversation and explanation may not be available.

We would like to give a special thank you to the Camden County EMA and Camden County LEPC for sponsoring this training!

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