August 2020 Meeting Recap

Hello, all!

Sam here!

Last night’s meeting brought us new information, a chance to test out Facebook Live, and a refresher on traffic control training, since we have a LOT of traffic control requests coming up!

We have opened up the application process for those who wish to become the Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator of CERT. We have several candidates already to speak with and will be making those calls soon. If you are interested in the position of Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator, please email me at with your contact information, a little about yourself, your volunteer experience, and how long you have been with the CERT program.

Last night’s meeting was aired on Facebook Live. This is our first attempt at trying out this option for those who can’t be at the meetings in person but would still like to participate. Meetings will be broadcast via FB Live when we can do it; however, training will not be (mainly because of the restriction of the equipment). You can find the video of the broadcast here.

We were able to do two short videos during the traffic control training to better illustrate why it is sometimes hard for drivers to see the person performing traffic control and their commands:

No Hi-Vis equipment used video

Hi-Vis equipment used video

Thank you to the CERT members who attended the meeting/training. We appreciate your efforts and also thank you for wearing masks while inside!

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