Meeting Update

1. Benefit Fund for Bob & Amy Reiske has been set up at the Community Bank of Lake Ozark. If you would like to donate, make payable to: “Bob Reiske Benefit Account”If using the mail, send it to: P.O. Box 207 Attn: Tellers Osage Beach, MO 65065
2. Last year we provided assistance to the Chamber of Commerce for Expo 2019. We provided parking control at the Lodge of the Four Seasons Event Center. They have asked if we would support it again this year on 28 (3pm to 7pm) & 29 February (8am to 5pm). Last year we supported it with myself, Tim George and J. Wilson each working four hours, R. Harmon working five, and the Ironman, Rich Patzwald, working 9. In total, 26 hours, for which the Chamber made a donation to us for $260. Please reply back if you can support us with this years event. Please make the subject line of your reply “Expo 2020”
3. Thank you all for attending the Potluck and General Meeting. I found the food delicious and the fellowship most enjoyable. I hope you took something new away from the training. If you have a skill in an area that may benefit our membership and would be willing to share it, please let me know and we’ll see if we can work it into an upcoming meeting.
Best regards to all,

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