Congratulations to Our New Camden County CERT Members and Trainers!

Phew! The Camden County CERT has been busy this summer and into the fall! Between events we’ve assisted with, new classes bringing new members into our group, and gaining new certified trainers, we’ve been buzzing like a beehive!

Each time we welcome new members into our group, we are thankful to have volunteers with such big hearts who are willing to give their time, knowledge, and efforts to helping their communities and county!

When some of our volunteers make the decision to go above and beyond by furthering their training, we are beyond grateful! This month, several of our members took the extra step to become certified CERT trainers for our county! Having additional CERT Trainers will help ease the load on the existing trainers (who are also VOLUNTEERS!), bring more experienced personnel to the training cadre, and maybe even give us the ability to offer more training classes each year!

We want to take a moment to thank the members who are now certified trainers, as well as those who are existing trainers. The amount of time they put into preparing for each class, bringing useful and helpful tips, and personal experience to the CERT training program is invaluable. No group can survive without the experienced members teaching the new members and this is especially true for the Community Emergency Response Team Program. Without these amazing trainers, our ability to offer a well-trained volunteer group and effort to our county!

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