Bridge and Dam Marathon Volunteers Rocked!

Before the crack of dawn this past Saturday morning, CC MO CERT volunteers were up, in their PPE, and ready to help with traffic control for the 2019 Bridge and Dam Marathon!

CERT members worked before the marathon opened to block off roads and keep the course clear for the runners. Several members manned road blocks with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, others manned locations throughout the course, helping to hand out water and encourage the runners, and still others trekked the entire course to take care of their fellow CERT members!

Every one of the volunteers did a fantastic job and extremely favorable feedback was received from the MSHP, other volunteers assisting with the marathon, and even the runners during their race!

The hotwash (after action report and debrief) will occur this Tuesday evening, April 2, during the monthly CERT meeting. We would like everyone to attend, including those who weren’t able to assist on Saturday to go over the event and work on ways to improve our actions.

Thank you so much to those who assisted us!

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