Acronym List to Make Life Easier!

Hello, all!

Sam here!

I have been in a lot of classrooms and meetings where I observed an interesting phenomenon. When I (or others) start talking in what we assume is a normal way, a look of utter confusion and glazed eyes stare back at me.

It’s not because I’m speaking a foreign language. It’s because I’m accustomed to using acronyms. FEMA, SEMA, CERT, PPE; the list goes on and on.

After seeing this phenomenon occur on a monthly basis in a variety of places, I decided to lend a hand to those who don’t deal with acronyms everyday. I created a handy Acronym Guide, which you will find below. On the website, I also posted a number of useful PDFs which you can find here.

I hope this list, as well as the other resources, helps everyone to understand the world of acronyms better!

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