Winding Down for Winter!

Greetings, all! Sam here! Phew! 2022 has been busy for our CERT volunteers so please feel free to share this article/post! I'm often asked, "How do you keep your CERT active and engaged in Camden County? My answer is events, meetings, training, and public outreach! If you check out our After-Action Report page, you'll see … Continue reading Winding Down for Winter!

Review of August 2022 Meeting info

Greetings, all! Sam here! We had a fantastic CERT meeting last night! We had 16 CERTs at the meeting and, boy, did we get things done! Among our tasks was checking and repacking the CERT medical bags and CERT Rehab Trailer from our time spent as First Aid at Aquapalooza in preparation for upcoming events, … Continue reading Review of August 2022 Meeting info